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About Eciatto

Eciatto prides itself in partnering with internationally renowned brands that have proven track records of quality excellence. At present, we are the exclusive distributor for Caffe Musetti, Dalla Corte, Fetco, Sanremo, Stash, 1883 Maison Routin syrup, Montenne and more.

At Eciatto, we believe in “transforming concepts, delivering results, and changing the lives of business owners”Eciatto Group is the umbrella group for a number of companies spanning across Malaysia and Singapore, which includes Eciatto Group Sdn Bhd, Eciatto Singapore Pte Ltd, Deciatto Ebase Enterprise, TLH Sales & Services and Eciatto Barista Academy.

It all started in 2008. Would you believe we started out as a home business? It’s true. Way back, we were called TLH Sales and Services. We only had one staff running both the back end and front end operations. However, with utmost determination and perseverance, the company expanded promisingly over the last few years.

In 2010, our founder, Nicole Low, changed our name to Eciatto and the way we do business. From a mere intermediary that only catered sales and services, we became a one-stop beverage supplier. We have continuously made the company bigger, in every aspect you can imagine: factory size, manpower, sales figures, business partners…… Most importantly, ever since we expanded and streamlined our production department in 2012, we have put ourselves as one of the largest coffee supplier in the South East Asian market.

Today, with three regional offices and 30 employees, Eciatto becomes one of the leading providers of artisanal crafted coffee, state-of-the-art coffee equipment, professional beverage solutions, service, and support.

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